Optional Mcity and Laboratory Tours

We are pleased to offer tours of Mcity, the University of Michigan's state-of-the-art autonomous and connected vehicle test facility, as well as several of UofM's robotics laboratories on North Campus. These tours will take place during lunch on Monday June 20 and Tuesday June 21, and include bus transportation to and from North Campus as well as a boxed lunch. Admission is first-come first-served, limited to the first 80 attendees arriving to the buses, which will leave promptly at 12:10pm from in front of the Michigan League in order to give adequate time for the tours.

Attendees will first tour Mcity, and then will be broken up into three groups to tour different sets of labs:


12:00 Morning Session Ends
12:10 Buses Depart Michigan League
12:20 Arrive at MCity for Tour
12:45 Depart MCity
12:50 Arrive at North Campus
12:55 Group Lab Tours (see above)
13:35 Return to Buses
13:40 Buses Depart North Campus
13:50 Arrive at Michigan League